No More Velcro Legs! Gorgeously smooth legs for the girl who shaves…

We don’t all like the idea of ripping hair out of our skin or zapping them with lasers or smearing stinky stuff on ourselves to MELT them off. Some of us are still quite happy to shave. I have tried many ways of removing hair from my person and I always end up coming back to the convenience and control of a razor.

So, here is my tried and tested method for a gorgeously smooth shave that will leave you feeling pampered and ready for shorts!

You will need:

A dry body brush or exfoliating cloth
1 Hot (not scalding hot, don’t be silly) bath
1 Flannel or washcloth
Your favorite body oil or natural oil (olive, coconut)
One ALMOST new razor
A moisturiser if you feel the need

shaving_polaroidI’m sure most of us know how to body brush but I’ll just give you a quick rundown again. You want to start with clean, dry skin. Start at your feet and brush towards your heart in smooth upward motions concentrating on areas with thicker skin like the knees and ankles. This is good for removing dead skin cells and stimulating circulation. You also want to take a look at the back of your calves if you can. I always feel like it’s a bit neglected in the scrubbing department.

Removing thickened dead skin means that you will get a nice close shave. Concentrate on your thighs and bottom for a little while if you have cellulite. Cellulite is natural however and I don’t think that we should get too hung up on it but if it bothers you, here is a great scrub for improving the appearance of the “dreaded dimples”.

Run yourself a nice warm/pleasantly hot bath. Don’t cook yourself please! You want to soak for ten minutes to allow the hair to soften.

Sit on the side of the bath and apply a thin layer of your favourite body oil to your legs. Take the warm flannel and rub your legs in gentle circular motions. You can also use a sugar scrub but I find that to be a bit much after body brushing. What you are trying to do is soften the skin and the hair as much as possible before you shave and remove any dead skin that you loosened up with the brush.

Sit back down in the bath to warm your skin again. Stand up or sit on the side of the bath and apply more oil all over your legs.

You can use a brand new razor blade if you are not prone to cutting yourself or if you don’t have to be anywhere. If you are planning to go out and you have a gift for nicking your knees or ankles with a new razor (the way I do) then I recommend using one that has been used once or twice before. Not an old one, just not a brand new blade.

Shave upwards from your ankles, taking particular care on the “bony bits”. It’s important that you don’t shave the same spot over and over. You will irritate the skin which causes inflammation and bumps. Rinse off the excess oil in the bath and carry on as usual. I have read some articles where people shave their legs a second time after this, but I find that it makes my skin red and blotchy which is the last thing I want if I’m on my way out and I want to wear a skirt.

When you get out of the bath, use a cool washcloth to gently cool your skin. It’s also a good time to check if you’ve missed any hair.

I usually find that the oil has done a great job of moisturising my skin but if you want a bit more, apply your favourite moisturiser. I have been using Vaseline’s Intensive Care Aloe Soothe lotion. It’s not greasy and the scent isn’t overpowering. It doesn’t annoy my skin which is prone to bumps or blotchiness if a product is very perfumed.

If your skin gets razor burn or itchy bumps after you shave, I recommend using an aspirin solution in a sprits bottle. Just mix two soluble aspirin tablets (uncoated) in about half a cup of water and sprits on your legs if they are red and itchy. The aspirin takes away inflammation. This is also brilliant for your bikini area if you are bumpy there after shaving. Aloe gel also helps.

All this should leave you silky smooth! No velcro legs in sight!





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