Get beach body ready for your vacation with these easy steps!

Easy tips to prepare your body for a beach holiday in the sun! When winter comes around, we cover our skin in warm, snuggly clothes and we forget to do all the scrubbing and moisturising we usually do in summer when our skin is on display. We also eat warm comforting things instead of fresh fruit and vegetables. Hot coffee is much nicer than a glass of water or juice. Here’s how to get ready to bare your skin on that tropical beach holiday.


Don’t change anything drastic within two weeks of your holiday. Major detoxing can cause breakouts and flu-like symptoms. However, you will be eating differently on your holiday and combined with a higher consumption of alcohol, it could all be a bit of a shock to your system. Simply replace a few indulgences in your diet with healthier options to fortify your digestive and immune system.

  1. holiday_sugarRemove ONE sugary treat from your diet
    If you want to trim down an inch or two and improve your overall skin tone and health, cut down on your intake of processed sugars. Replace your fizzy drink with fruity water or tea. Swap chocolate bars for dark chocolate and biscuits for nuts. You will see the difference!
    This Marie Claire article is a great example of why you should cut back on the sweet stuff!
  2. Cut down on fast food
    Fast food is full of empty calories, processed sugars and saturated fat. You want to look glowy and fresh on holiday. If you eat takeout meals every day, try bringing it down to every other day or try to cook at least three healthy meals a week at home.

    Think of it this way, your body eliminates toxins through your skin while you sleep. Do you really want that kebab showing up on your face in the form of a breakout? No? Didn’t think so…

    You will be trying new foods on holiday, I’m sure you can cut down on the “same-old-same-old” takeaways for a couple of weeks!

  3. Drink more water
    People with gorgeous, glowy skin usually have one thing in common. Hydration! Drinking enough water will flush toxins from the body and keep you hydrated. Water is also great for your organs and muscles. It aids digestion and your brain functions are improved when you are well hydrated. It even affects your mood.
  4. Take supplements to boost your immune system
    Nobody wants to get sick on holiday! To prevent colds and stomach bugs you can start taking supplements with the following ingredients:
    Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium and beta-carotene. Adding a probiotic to your diet will improve your digestive health.
  5. Eat more fruit and veg
    All the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that you need can be found in fruit and vegetables. Try to make every meal as colourful as possible. The more colours on your plate, the more nutrients you’re getting.
    We don’t always eat our fruit and veg on holiday so try to get as much as possible before you go to avoid energy slumps, breakouts and colds.

Beauty Regime:

  1. Hair
    • Cut:
      Get a trim at least two weeks before you go. If there are any disasters you have a little time to either have your stylist correct the problem or choose a new style entirely.
    • Colour:
      The same goes for colouring your hair. I know you want your colour to be as fresh as possible when you leave but, if there are any colouring disasters you want time to correct it beforehand.
    • Treatments:
      Start doing a deep nourishing mask at least twice a week. I know it sounds excessive but exposing your hair to heat, sunshine, salt water and chlorine can leave it looking damaged. You want it in the best possible condition before you leave.

      For a nourishing mask mash together
      1/2 avocado
      1 teaspoon olive oil
      1 tablespoon milk
      Apply to your hair and leave on while you shower.

    • Oil it:
      Using a daily hair oil such as marula, argan or coconut oil can make a world of difference to the condition of your hair. It adds shine and protects the hair from exposure to heat and dry air.
  2. Face
    • Cleanse:
      Gently cleanse your skin in the mornings and make sure that you remove all your makeup at night.  You want to keep your skin clean without stripping it or causing breakouts. Here is a simple cleansing routine to follow.
    • Exfoliate:
      Use gentle peels and scrubs to exfoliate your skin once a week. Again, don’t overdo it. We exfoliate to help our beauty products penetrate deeper and to remove dead skin cells and reveal new healthy skin. Over-exfoliating will damage the new skin and cause breakouts.
    • mani_scub_polaroidLips:
      Exfoliate your lips once a week and use a good lip balm daily.

      For a simple lip scrub combine:
      1 tablespoon soft brown sugar
      1 teaspoon coconut/olive oil
      1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
      You can keep this in a jar and use as required

    • Masks:
      You can do at least one cleansing and one nourishing mask a week to prevent breakouts and moisturize your skin properly. Here are some natural masks and treatments that you can make right in your kitchen!
    • Moisturising:
      Don’t change your moisturizer, serums or eye treatments if they are working for you. If you need a little extra then I recommend adding coconut oil to your nighttime routine. You can add it just after applying your serums but before you apply your moisturiser. It’s also a great light moisturizing treatment on its own if you apply it before bed.
    • Acne:
      PLEASE NOTE: if you are on a medicated regime prescribed by your dermatologist, don’t change anything. It is important that you follow their instructions.

      If you are are experiencing breakouts or hormonal acne then I recommend simplifying your routine. Stripping the skin can actually cause acne or make it worse. It also leaves dry patches around the nose and mouth where it dries and burns the skin.
      Try using tea tree oil and water to cleanse your skin in the morning and a gentler face wash at night. Remove your makeup with oil and then use a clay-based facewash to remove any traces of oil and makeup. Use natural serums and oils to moisturize instead of acne creams.I used over-the-counter acne treatments for years and nothing helped. Once I started moisturising properly instead of stripping my skin and exfoliating it to death, my acne improved and I only get the occasional hormonal breakout now. For a natural acne treatment, you can try cinnamon, turmeric or saffron masks.
  3. Body
    • Exfoliate:
      You can use a body brush to gently exfoliate daily or a weekly coffee scrub to polish your skin. Concentrate on the heels, knees and elbows but be very gentle on the chest and belly area. You can also exfoliate your underarms with baking soda and lemon juice to lighten the underarm area and make it easier to shave or epilate.
    • Moisturize:
      The rule is simple: If you’ve been in water, moisturize. Keep your coconut oil or body lotion/butter in the bathroom. When you get out of the shower or bath, pat yourself dry and immediately moisturize your body to seal in moisture.
    • Cellulite:
      bodyscub_polaroidI’ve talked about cellulite before. If it’s not something that bothers you, then don’t worry about it, but if it makes you feel self-conscious, then I suggest the following:

      • Dry brushing or coffee scrubs to improve circulation
      • Epsom Salt baths to draw out toxins
      • Massage the area with a 1/4 cup of olive oil with two drops of mint oil.
      • Walking and Pilates or yoga
      • Drinking water to improve the skin’s overall appearance.
    • Self-tan:
      Use a gradual tanning lotion after your shower in the evening. It’s best to use it on warm, clean, exfoliated skin. Start at your feet and work upwards. Take care to apply it sparingly on your knees and elbows. Avoid your heels unless they are perfectly smooth.If you prefer to have a more substantial tan, I suggest getting a professional spray tan done at a salon so that you get an even, head to toe tan.
  4. Shaving / Waxing
    • Legs:
      Relax in a warm bath and exfoliate your legs before you shave them. Exfoliating removes dead skin. This will prevent ingrown hairs and will allow you to get a closer shave. Here is a blog post on how to get gorgeously smooth legs!
    • foot_scrub_polaroidUnderarms:
      Exfoliate your underarms with baking soda and lemon juice (to lighten dark areas) or sugar and coconut oil (to avoid ingrown hairs). Use men’s sensitive shaving gel on your underarms if they are prone to burning or ingrown hairs and bumps.
      Don’t use deodorants or antiperspirants immediately after shaving. Use a little coconut oil to moisturize them first and wait at least 20 minutes before you use antiperspirant to prevent blocked pores.
    • Bikini Area:
      Gently exfoliate the area with coconut oil and a washcloth. Don’t use facial exfoliators or scratchy body scrubs. You want to warm the area and remove any dead skin. Use men’s sensitive shaving gel to shave the area.

      If you get any razor bumps, apply the following mixture:

      5 tablespoons water
      2 uncoated aspirin tablets

      Dissolve the aspirin in the water and apply to the razor bumps with a cotton pad. Aspirin will relieve the inflammation and redness. It works quite quickly so it can be used as a quick fix if you are on your way to the beach or pool.

  5. Hands
    • Gently scrub once a week

      Make a hand scrub using:
      1 teaspoon sugar
      1 tablespoon oats
      1 teaspoon olive oil
      1 teaspoon yogurt

    • Moisturize every time you wash your hands. Soap and water will dry out your skin and nails. Dry nails become brittle and will peel. If you want to grow long, strong nails, keep them moisturized.
    • Use olive oil to massage nails and cuticles once a day to help them grow. It will stimulate the nail bed and soften cuticles so they are easy to push back or remove without tearing.
  6. Feet
    • foot_sleep_polaroidNails:
      Cut your toenails straight across when they are hard. (Before your bath) Don’t cut the sides into a rounded shape. Also, don’t cut them too short. Here is a brilliant article from on how to cut your toenails properly.
    • Rough skin:
      For rough heels, use a pumice stone or foot file to remove the rough skin on the heels and toes. You want to do this before a bath or shower as the files can tear the softened skin. Before you go to bed, rub vaseline all over your feet, concentrating on your heels and cover with fluffy socks. Your feet will be baby soft by morning.
      Here is an article on how to get soft, smooth feet almost overnight!
  7. Spa day
    Set aside an evening, just before you leave to really pamper your body. It’s a great way to relax and prepare for a holiday. Here is a blog post on how to create a spa day, in your own home with the contents of your kitchen cupboards and fridge! It’s a day of head to toe pampering that will leave you glowing and relaxed.


exerciseYou may be a perfectly toned gym bunny all year or you may need a bit of extra work before you feel ready for your swimsuit!

This is not some sort of shaming, I just know that I step up my fitness routine before a holiday to feel healthier, stronger and more toned.

To be honest, I stay out of the gym just before I go on holiday. The gym is full of other humans and they carry cold viruses with them that they deposit on gym equipment. I can’t tell you how many sniffly folks I have seen dragging themselves around the gym. I prefer to work out at home or outside if possible to avoid any bugs just before I go on holiday.

This is one notable exception to the “no gym rule”. Swimming is an all over toning workout that shows results in no time at all. It elevates the heart rate and tones pretty much the entire body. For shapely legs and toned abs, you can pick a nice quiet corner in the deep end and tread water for as long as you can.

TIP: I try not to touch my face in the pool, showers or dressing room without using a hand sanitiser first. I go home and shower properly anyway. I’m just that kinda germaphobe if I know I’m going on holiday.

There are so many yoga videos that you can follow on youtube. Yoga helps you to relax, stretch and tone all in one workout. Don’t misunderstand, yoga can be VERY challenging. Start with beginner’s videos and work up from there. Fightmaster Yoga is one of my favourites. They have daily beginner’s workouts and stretches.

Walking or running:
Going for a 30-minute walk every day will do wonders for your fitness. Your heart rate goes up, you get fresh air and it tones you up. You can turn your 30-minute walk into a HIIT workout with sprints or jogs in-between. I use the Zombies RUN app on my phone to make my runs more fun. It has a storyline that you listen to with zombie “chases” every so often. You can also listen to your own music in between segments.

Well, that is how I get ready for tropical holidays during the winter months!

Let me know where you’re going on holiday and if you’ve tried any of these tips! I’m staying in cold Scotland over the Christmas holiday this year so you’ll be making me jealous!



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