5 Step Facial Tapping Massage to improve circulation and firm your skin!

Facial massage improves blood circulation which brings wonderful anti-ageing oxygen to your skin. Increased blood circulation also encourages the production of collagen and provides delicate facial tissues with added nutrition. Facial tapping or massage improves the appearance of wrinkles because it relaxes the muscles of the face and scalp.

I never used to do a proper facial massage. The SHAME! I pretty much applied a scrub once a week and smeared my moisturiser around my face and that was about as much ” massaging” as my face got. The main problem I think was that I had horrible acne and was petrified of touching my skin too much and making it worse.

Since I started massaging my skin two or three times a week I’ve seen an improvement in the absorption and effects of my skincare products. My makeup goes on a little smoother and my pores don’t seem as large. I know you can’t actually close pores but I feel like my skin has plumped up and made them appear smaller.

Here is a basic facial “tapping” massage in five easy steps:

6_neck pressure

Step 1: Cross your hands in front of your neck and tap on opposite sides of your neck from your collar bones to your chin for 30 seconds. Avoid your windpipe.

2_chin tapping

Step 2: Hold the back of your left hand about an inch under your chin and rapidly tap under your chin for 30 seconds.

3_cheek tapping


Step 3: Use the pads of the fingers on both hands to rapidly tap the bottom half of your face. Start at the centre of your lips and work outwards to your ears and back again. Repeat 3 times.

4_forehead tapping


Step 4: Tap your fingers firmly on your forehead starting in the centre and working outwards. Then firmly tap your fingers all over your scalp.

5_scalp massage


Step 5: Using the pads of your fingers, make firm circular movements all over your scalp. Comb through your hair with your fingers from forehead to the back of your neck with long firm strokes.

1_my face


Well, there’s a quick facial tapping massage that you can do any time to improve circulation and give your skin a natural glow.

Happy Tapping!




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