10 Tips On How to store your underwear so they stay looking as gorgeous as the day you bought them!

Now, we all have a lingerie drawer or basket or shelf but have you really made a pretty space for your underwear? Is it all just piled in there or is it all neatly folded in little rows so you can see what you have? Do you wear sets or do you just grab whatever because you’re in a hurry and you can’t be bothered digging through the pile?

Your underwear is the first thing you put on every morning and it is the foundation of your outfit. If it doesn’t sit right or it doesn’t fit properly it can be a pain (literally). Ill-treated and stretched out lingerie will ride up, grab, pinch and scratch. It’s just so much better to be nice to your underwear.

Here are a few storage tips to show your underwear some love:

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1. Dedicate a drawer, shelf or cupboard with enough space for all your underwear to be laid out in such a way that you can see what you have at a glance. Keep sets together for that extra organised look and to save time. Don’t pile them into a drawer!


2. If you store your lingerie in a drawer, make sure that it is deep enough to accommodate the cups of your bras. If it is too shallow you will hook and scratch your underwear every time you open or close the drawer.

3. Place a scented drawer liner underneath your bras and panties to give them a subtle scent. A cheaper alternative is to use a scarf you no longer wear. Spray it with your favourite perfume and use it to line the drawer or shelf. You can also try scented dryer sheets for that just washed scent.
Never spray perfume directly onto your lingerie. It can stain or discolour them. Spray it onto a scarf or pretty tissue paper and place in the bottom of your lingerie drawer to scent your underwear.
Vintage & Co Fabric & Flowers Scented Drawer liners – Pack of 6– £7.00

4. Store bras flat, do not fold them double and tuck the cups into each other. You will stretch and deform them. Padded bras can develop permanent creases if you fold them. Close the hooks, tuck the straps into the bra and store them flat.


5. Do you have any extra hanging space? No? Me neither, but items like shapewear with supporting structures or Basques keep their shape better if they are never folded or flattened in a drawer. Buy some pretty padded hangers or ones with grips to hang them up instead.
LOHAS Home Pack of 10 Gorgeous Pale Ivory Satin Padded Clothes Hangers – 38cm (15″), For Dresses, Bridal, Lingerie, Woolen Items etc. – £14.99

6. Rotate your underwear! We all have favourites but try to put freshly washed lingerie away at the back of your drawer and wear the ones that are at the front. This will ensure that you rotate your underwear instead of wearing the same ones over and over. It will extend their life and keep them from getting washed to death.


7. Try fabric covered boxes or pretty baskets to sort your underwear into different colours or styles. Black in one, nude, white and colours. Keep sets together if you can to save time when you’re in a hurry in the morning.

This is a pretty solution if you don’t have a lot of drawer or cupboard space.

Sivin Underwear Organiser Bra Drawer Storage Closet Underwear Organizer Divider Kit For Underwear Bra Socks Ties (6-Grid Bra box, Dot Beige) – £11.99

8. If you don’t have that many pieces and they fit in a drawer, use pretty drawer dividers to separate panties and thongs from bras and other underwear. There are plenty of cheap drawer dividers that are usually for socks that work just perfectly for panties and tights.

9. Buy cheap and cheerful storage baskets out of factory shops or customise shoeboxes with pretty paper or fabric to store your underwear. They fit on shelves or in the bottom of your closet or the shallow ones will fit in a drawer.

I like baskets that I can take out of the cupboard. It makes it easier when I’m putting my underwear away after washing them.

Set Of 4 Seagrass Rectangular Hamper Storage Baskets With Insert Handles – £14.95

10. Never throw your pretty underwear in the bottom of the washing basket full of dirty, sweaty or heavy clothes. Buttons and zips can hook on your lingerie, colours from sweaty gym clothes can transfer and padded bra cups can be flattened and deformed. Keep a separate laundry bag or basket for your underwear and wash them separately.

Sea Team 19.7″ Large Sized Waterproof Coating Ramie Cotton Fabric Folding Laundry Hamper Bucket Cylindric Burlap Canvas Storage Basket with Stylish Pink & White Polka Dot Design – £11.99

How do you store your pretty things? Do you have brilliant storage ideas?

Happy organising!



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