The Do’s and Don’ts after a facial

I haven’t been for a facial in ages but I need one. I really do. It’s wonderful to have a professional massage, cleanse and treat your skin until it glows. That glow can last for days if you listen to your aesthetician’s recommendations and avoid some of the silly mistakes that can irritate your skin.

Always and I mean ALWAYS listen to the advice that you are given by your aesthetician. Ask questions, discuss any skin issues and get all the info you can out of the lovely person who is going to be pampering your skin until it glows!

The Do’s

  1. Stay Hydrated: Your skin has been cleansed, exfoliated and massaged to remove and release toxins. Drink water and flush them out! Drinking water will also keep that gorgeous glow going for longer.
  2. Change Your Towels and Bedding: Your skin is sensitive and vulnerable to infection. Dirty pillowcases, towels and washcloths can cause infection and spots.
  3. Be gentle when you dry off: You shouldn’t have to wash your face directly after a facial but if you take a shower, press the towel to your skin gently. No rubbing.
  4. Use Sun Protection: It is best not to apply chemicals to your skin after a peel or extraction. It can irritate the open pores and sensitive skin. Wear a hat or stay out of the sun.
  5. Clean Makeup Brushes and Sponges: It’s not a good idea to apply makeup within 24 hours of your facial. While you wait, make sure that all your brushes and sponges are squeaky clean and disinfected so that they don’t cause a breakout.
  6. Keep The Process Going: If your aesthetician recommends products from the range they used on your skin, ask for samples if you are not sure that you like them or can’t afford them. They may also recommend other products that suit your pocket.
  7. Never Ignore Abnormal Discomfort: With extractions and peels your skin will be sensitive but there are certain warning signs that you should not ignore. If you experience any of the following, you should contact your therapist immediately.
    • Burned patches that weep and sting
    • Allergic reactions like swelling, welts, rashes, itching, any respiratory problems, coughing or swelling around the throat. You may be allergic to one of the products used. They will probably recommend that you see your doctor.
    • If the formula used on your skin was too oily it can clog your pores. You could experience a serious breakout all over the skin. Check in with your therapist to make sure that it’s just a normal post-facial breakout and not an infection.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t Wash Your Face: You have just spent hours having your skin cleansed and wonderful products applied to it. Don’t wash them off before you have gotten all the benefits. If you must wash your face, use a very light foaming cleanser without any harsh soapy ingredients or fragrances.
  2. Don’t Exfoliate for About 5 Days: Your skin has been properly exfoliated or peeled during your facial, there is no need to scrub any further. The skin is sensitive and all those fresh, exposed cells are too easily damaged or infected. You don’t want to cause inflammation and scarring. Let your skin heal.
  3. NO PICKING! Especially after an extraction there is the temptation to do a bit of extracting of your own. If the therapist left a spot if it is probably because it wasn’t ready to be extracted. Squeezing it will not change that!
  4. No Touching: Avoid touching your skin as much as possible. Your skin is sensitive and prone to infection from your dirty hands!
  5. No Makeup For 24 Hours: Makeup can be full of fragrance, oils, pigments and chemicals that irritate and clog pores. Old makeup can also contain bacteria and so can your makeup sponges or brushes. If you have an event that you want to look fabulous for, make sure that you have your facial a few days before.
  6. Stay Out Of The Gym: Don’t go do a hot sweaty workout after your facial. Sweat can burn and gym equipment is covered in other people’s sweat and germs This is no place for a freshly exfoliated skin.
  7. Avoid Hot Saunas Or Steam Rooms: The heat can cause broken capillaries, redness, irritation and again, sweat can burn and irritate the sensitive skin. Also, germs, bacteria, dirty surfaces…yuck…
  8. Don’t Do Treatments At Home: Don’t use retinol, peels, masks or any chemical exfoliators to your skin in the first week after your treatment. They can “burn” and irritate the skin causing inflammation and scarring. Check with your therapist before applying any resurfacing products shortly after a facial.
  9. No Suntanning or sunbeds: All those newly uncovered and stimulated skin cells are susceptible to harmful UV rays so avoid the sun for at least 24 to 48 hours.
  10. No Hair Removal: Hair removal within a week of a facial is not a good idea. It can cause further irritation, redness, blotches and swelling. If you would like to have peach fuzz removed from your face, hair removed from your upper lip or your eyebrows shaped, discuss it with your aesthetician when making your appointment. It could be done as part of your facial or she will advise you on when the best time would be to do it.

Take care and let me know if you have any tips of your own!



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