Natural Ingredients that you can use to keep your hair healthy!

So, in my previous hair growth posts we talked about 10 easy tips for growing healthy, strong hair as well as which myths and nonsense “hair growth miracles” you can ignore. This post is about some of the natural ingredients that you can get from the drugstore, health store or good old supermarket that can help your hair to grow and a healthy and realistic rate.

There are plenty of hair growth pills and potions out there. You can spend your monthly salary on products that do very little if not nothing. As I said in the myths post. Your hair has a growth cycle and nothing you smear on your head is going to change that. However, you can optimise the health of your scalp and hair to stop falling hair, breakage and general damage. Here are a whole lot of oils, foods, clays and waters that you can use to help your hair and scalp stay healthy. I’ve also included some recipes for hair masks and rinses.

Have fun! She’s a big old blog post. Get yourself a cup of tea.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you are allergic or sensitive to any of these ingredients, DO NOT USE THEM. If you are pregnant you also need to check with your health care professional before using some of these ingredients. None of this is medical advise. If you have a chronic of specific condition you need to check with your doctor first before applying anything to your skin.

What helps for what?

I know there are more than just three types of hair and or scalp out there but I’ve broken it down to cover as many “simple” conditions as possible.

Dry or damaged hairOily hair and scalpAngry / Irritated Scalp
Evening Primrose oil
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Jojoba oil
Geranium oil
Argan oil
Sandalwood oil
Chamomile oil
Aloe Vera
Apple Cider Vinegar
Rose Water
Clary sage oil
Jojoba oil
Juniper oil
Lavender oil
Peppermint oil
Cedarwood oil
Petitgrain oil
Olive oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Almond milk / oil
Aloe Vera
Bentonite Clay
Rose Water
Clove Oil
Chamomile Tea / oil
Lavender Oil
Rosemary oil
Jojoba oil
Clary Sage Oil
Lemongrass oil
Tea tree oil
Juniper Oil
Cedarwood oil
Coconut milk / oil
Moringa Oil
Eucalyptus Oil

Essential Oils For Hair

Cedarwood Essential Oil: (Oily hair and scalp/Irritated scalp) Improves blood circulation in the scalp. Balances sebum production. Has anti fungal properties that prevent fungal growth.

Chamomile Essential Oil: (Dry Damaged hair, Oily hair, Angry Scalp) Smoothes and provides shine and softness to dry or damaged hair. Reduces inflammation on the scalp and relieves itching. Balances oil production.

Citronella Essential Oil: (Oily Hair) Balances sebum production and removes excess oil from the scalp.

Clary Sage Essential Oil: (Irritated Scalp, Oily hair) Has a balancing effect on sebum production. Anti-inflammatory properties. Stimulates circulation.

Clove Essential Oil: (Irritated Scalp) Has antibacterial properties that fight infection. Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: (Irritated Scalp) Has antibacterial and anti fungal properties to keep the scalp healthy and free from infection. Improves blood circulation in the scalp.

Geranium Essential Oil: (Oily hair and scalp) Balances sebum production on the scalp. Antibacterial properties.

Jojoba Essential Oil: (Dry, damaged and Oily hair) Moisturises while regulating sebum production on the scalp.

Juniper Essential Oil: (Dry, damaged hair / Irritates scalp) Antimicrobial, anti fungal. Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.

Lavender Essential Oil: (Oily scalp and hair / Irritated scalp) Antibacterial properties. Balances sebum production on the scalp.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: (Irritated Scalp, Oily hair ) Clarifies and removes excess oil. Reduces dandruff. Soothes irritation. Antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Lime Essential Oil: (Oily hair) Removes excess sebum. Balances oil production on scalp.

Patchouli Essential Oil: (Oily and Irritated Scalp) Balances and oily scalp. Anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe irritation due to dandruff. Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

Peppermint Essential Oil: (Oily and Irritated Scalp) Astringent properties. Antiseptic properties as well as anti-inflammatory. Improves circulation.

Petitgrain Essential Oil: (Oily and irritated Scalp) Cleansing and balancing. Soothing for irritated skin. Astringent properties to help balance oil production.

Rosemary Essential Oil: (Dry Scalp) Improves circulation to keep roots healthy. Antifungal properties to prevent dandruff and skin infection.

Sandalwood: (Dry or Irritated Scalp) Soothes dandruff due to anti-inflammatory properties. Antimicrobial properties. Softening and moisturising for dry hair.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: (Oily, Dry and Irritated Scalp) Antimicrobial, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory. Balances oily scalp.

Nourishing Oils for Hair

Almond Oil: Smoothing and nourishing. Strengthens and protects against environmental stressors. Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, Magnesium and vitamin E. Has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to improve blood circulation.

Argan Oil: Full of Vitamin E and other Antioxidants. Moisturises and conditions hair to improve strength and flexibility to prevent breakage. Contains Oleic and linoleic acids to protect against environmental and styling damage. Provides protection against pollutants and sun damage. Read more about the Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil.

Castor Oil: Contains Ricinoleic acid that fights inflammation. Balances the PH of the scalp. Has antibacterial and anti fungal properties for a healthy scalp. Improves the health of the hair follicle which aids in hair growth and prevents unnecessary hair loss. Read more about the Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil.

Coconut Oil: Improves elasticity which prevents breakage. Deeply moisturises the hair and scalp to improve shine and manageability.

Evening Primrose Oil: Contains Gamma Linoleic acid that promotes healthy cell turnover in skin. Promotes healthy hair growth by keeping the scalp free from infection and inflammation. Rich in protective vitamin E to prevent damage from pollution, heat and UV rays. Read more about the Beauty Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil.

Macadamia Oil: Fatty acids add shine and elasticity while nourishing the hair and scalp. Rich in potassium and Palmitoleic acid to protect against environmental damage and breakage.

Marula Oil: Smooth and seals the hair shaft to protect against moisture loss while adding shine. Prevents damage and supports healthy hair growth. Contains iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and copper. It is also high in vitamin C and E. Oleic Acid promotes healthy, normal hair growth. Read more about the Beauty Benefits of Marula Oil.

Olive Oil: Full of protective antioxidants to prevent environmental damage. Moisturises and smooths hair to protect against moisture loss. Improves flexibility to prevent breakage and splitting. Also moisturises the scalp and improves circulation.

Pumpkin Seed Oil: Antioxidant properties protect the hair and scalp against environmental damage. Balances sebum production on the scalp to prevent oily hair and fungal overgrowth. Contains magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc and iron that promote healthy hair growth.

Vitamin E Oil: Antioxidant that protects against free radical and environmental damage. Helps to repair and moisturise the scalp to prevent unnecessary hair loss. It improves circulation and seals in moisture. Smooths and provides shine to hair.

Hair Food

Almond Milk: Absolutely FULL of happy hair nutrients! If you consume it you will get protein, iron, fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, Vitamins A, B, D and E. It helps to control inflammation, provides strength to the hair follicles and promotes healthy growth. Mono saturated fatty acids help to strengthen the hair. Apply it to your hair to reduce frizz, to smooth and shine. It conditions and improves elasticity to prevent breakage.

Aloe: Contains Vitamin A, C and E. It smooths the hair to provide shine and to prevent moisture loss. It calms and itchy scalp and removes and excess sebum that can cause bacterial or fungal overgrowth. Read more about The Beauty Benefits of Aloe.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin A and C. If applied with water as a rinse it will help to balance the PH of the scalp. It helps to seal the hair shaft to seal in moisture and prevent breakage. It also helps to improve shine and manageability. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to sooth an itchy scalp.

Avocado: Rich in fatty acids, Vitamins A, B6, D and E, copper and Iron. Avocado feeds the hair helping to improve strength and elasticity while smoothing the hair shaft for shine and manageability.

Banana: Contains calcium, potassium and Vitamins A, B, C, D and E. It reduces frizz, moisturises the hair shaft to reduce frizz and breakages. It also smooths the cuticle for added shine.

Beer: Contains silica, phosphorous, copper, magnesium, protein, iron and B-vitamins. Malt and hops contain protein to strengthen and repair hair while the alcohol has astringent properties to reduce excess oil on the scalp and even provide some shine to the hair.

Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea is a known anti-inflammatory that helps to soothe an irritated scalp, add shine to dull hair, bring out the golden tones in blonde hair and soften both skin and hair. Read more about the Beauty Benefits of Chamomile Tea.

Cinnamon: The same way that cinnamon is used in lip scrubs to plump and exfoliate it can also be used on the scalp to stimulate circulation. Good circulation is important for healthy hair growth. Cinnamon can also help to remove dead skin cells and old product from the scalp to prevent infection and clogged pores. Read more about the Beauty Benefits of Cinnamon.

Clove: Clove also helps to improve the circulation on the scalp but as an added bonus it has antiseptic properties that can be very helpful if you have an itchy scalp due to an infection. Read More about the Beauty Benefits of Clove.

Coconut Milk: Full of saturated fatty acids, Vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6, iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Coconut milk will help to moisturise the hair and scalp, soothe irritation, balance oils and improve hair elasticity.

Egg Yolk: Full of protein, lecithin(fat) , vitamin A and E as well as Biotin (B-vitamin), Folate and sulphur. Eggs nourish the hair. It conditions and smooths the hair follicle while improving elasticity and shine. Dry hair loves egg yolk because it provides much needed moisture and helps to smooth the hair shaft to prevent further moisture loss.

Honey: Because it is an emollient (moisturises) and a humectant (bonds with water molecules) honey attracts and seals in moisture to smooth and moisturise hair. It is an antioxidant which means it protects against environmental damage while preventing infection due to it’s antibacterial properties. Honey will smooth your hair and make it shiny while nourishing and protecting it from within.

Mayonnaise: Basically made out of egg yolk, vinegar and oil, mayonnaise will smooth frizzy hair, moisturise and help to balance the PH of the scalp. It’s an old school remedy for dry frizzy hair that works really well.

Milk: The lactic acid in milk helps to remove dead skin cells while the high protein and calcium content nourish and soften hair. Milk naturally smooths frizz and improves manageability. It will also gently straighten curly or frizzy hair.

Strawberries: Phenols in strawberries will help to soothe inflammation on an itchy or irritated scalp. Strawberries contain large quantities of vitamin C, B5 and B6. It also contains copper, manganese and potassium. The Dicarboxylic acids in strawberries inhibit fungal growth while phenols help to soothe irritation. Strawberries are great for adding shine or removing product build up and dead skin cells from the scalp.

Wheatgrass: High in vitamins A, C, E, B-complex, L and K. It contains over 70% chlorophyll which is a potent antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory as well as 98 of the 102 earth elements that are beneficial to the human body. They include phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Read more about the Beauty Benefits Of Wheatgrass.

Natural/Plain Yogurt: Full of healthy fats and probiotics yogurt has anti fungal properties. It helps to regulate sebum, remove dead skin cells, moisturise and balance the PH of the scalp.

Hair Herbs From the Supermarket

As a note, I have not included the masses of Asian herbs that you can use to treat your hair and scalp here. They are an entire field of research and a brand new post all on their own. I have stuck with the herbs that you will mostly find in your garden or in the supermarket here.

Basil: Contains magnesium to strengthen hair. Basil improves circulation, adds shine and relieves itching and irritation.

Dandelion: Iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, copper and Vitamin A, B, D & C. Dandelion tea can help to de-tangle hair when used as a rinse. It smooths the hair strand adding shine and manageability.

Lavender: Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Basil balances oil production and soothes irritation or infection.

Nettle: Improves circulation, softens, adds shine, smooths and has astringent properties. Nettle conditions the hair while balancing oil production. Anti-inflammatory properties help to relieve itching and irritation.

Parsley: Adds shine, smoothes the hair. Soothes inflammation, boosts production of keratin and collagen. Protects again sun and environmental damage.

Peppermint: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent, improves circulation, cooling and anti fungal.

Rosemary: Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help soothe and itchy or irritated scalp. It clarifies and gets rid of old product buildup. Antioxidant properties protect against environmental stressors and pollutants. It also improves circulation for healthy hair growth.

Sage: Full of Vitamin B and C, magnesium, zinc and potassium. It has antiseptic, anti fungal and astringent properties. Smooths and adds shine.

Thyme: Anti fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Thyme soothes irritation while removing oil and product buildup. Contains potassium, magnesium and selenium which are essential for healthy hair growth.

Watercress: Has high concentrations of Biotin and potassium as well as vitamin A which support healthy hair growth.

Clays and waters

Bentonite Clay: Contains sodium, potassium and calcium. Balances sebum production on the scalp while removing dead skin cells and old product build up to prevent blocked pores and infections. It draws out toxins and adds shine to dull hair if used as a rinse. Read more about the Beauty Benefits of Bentonite Clay.

Rhassoul Clay: Full of silica, iron, potassium and sodium. Rhassoul clay helps to remove toxins from the hair and scalp. It balances sebum production on the scalp without stripping away natural oils. Read more about the Beauty Benefits of Rhassoul Clay.

Rosewater: Natural pure rosewater contains Vitamins A, E, C, B3 and D. It is anti-inflammatory and gently moisturising. Rosewater balances the PH of the scalp while smoothing and softening the hair shaft. It has mild antiseptic properties that can help treat scalp irritation. Read more about the Beauty Benefits of Rosewater.

So, what kind of magic can I whip up in my kitchen?

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment
1 tsp olive Oil
1 tsp brazil nut or sweet almond oil (Substitute coconut oil if you are allergic to nut oils)
1 tsp sesame oil
1/2 teaspoon honey
2 drops geranium essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil
Place your mixing bowl in a larger bowl of hot water to warm. Add all the ingredients to the bowl and allow to warm through while you wet your hair. Squeeze out the water with an old t-shirt. Massage the warm oil mixture into your hair and wrap it up with your damp t-shirt. Sit in a warm place for 20-30 minutes. Unwrap your hair and comb through with a wide toothed comb. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and dry on a low heat. Can be repeated every other week.

Coconut Milk Deep Conditioning Treatment
300ml thick coconut milk
10 drops geranium essential oil
1-2 egg yolks (depending on the length of your hair)
Basin or large bowl, cup for scooping.
After washing your hair to make sure that it is free from all styling products, squeeze out any excess water with an old t-shirt. Hold your head over the bathroom sink, a basin or large bowl and pour the mixture onto your hair. Keep scooping and pouring until your hair is saturated. Pile your hair on your head and wrap it in an old t-shirt or shower cap. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and shampoo as usual.

Avocado Hair Food
1 avocado (1/2 if you have shorter hair)
2 evening primrose oil capsules
1-2 tablespoons olive oil (depending on the length and thickness of your hair)
Wash your hair to make sure that it is free of styling products. Apply the mask to damp (not wet) hair and wrap in a warm towel or t-shirt. Leave on for 20 – 30 minutes and wash as usual.

Hair Rescuer for Dry or Damaged Hair
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoons sesame oil
1 egg yolk
2 tablespoons thick coconut milk
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon coconut oil
Place a bowl inside a larger container with hot water to warm. Add the ingredients to the smaller bowl and stir until combined and warmed. Use on clean dry hair and wrap in a warm, damp towel or t-shirt. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and wash as usual.

Hot Oil Treatment for Healthy Scalp and Shiny Hair
2 tablespoons coconut oil
3 drops rosemary essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops tea tree essential oil
Small jar
Warm the coconut oil over a low heat until liquid and add the other ingredients. Pour into small glass jar. You can keep the oil in the fridge until needed or smooth the hot oil through your hair immediately. Always warm the oil first before applying it to your hair. Simply place the small jar in a larger bowl with hot water to warm through.

Treatment for Dry or Damaged Hair
1 cup almond milk / substitute coconut or oat milk if allergic
10 drops rose essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops sandalwood essential oil
Combine the ingredients. Wash your hair as usual and squeeze out the excess water. Massage the mixture into damp hair and wrap up in a towel or t-shirt. You can also use a shower cap. Leave in for 30 minutes and wash as usual.

Beer Hair Food
50ml beer (the darker the better)
10 drops jojoba essential oil
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon olive oil
Warm the beer in a saucepan on the stove until it steams. Do not boil it. Add the other ingredients and allow to cool until warm, not hot. Massage the mixture into your hair and wrap up or use a shower cap. Keep your head warm and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash and condition as usual.

Oily Hair Balancing Treatment
2 tablespoons plain natural yogurt
10 drops cedarwood essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops grapefruit essential oil
You might not need all this in one go, just keep the mixture in the fridge if you don’t need it all. It will keep for 3 days. Massage the mixture into your scalp and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash and condition as usual.

Scalp Stimulation for Healthy Hair Growth
3 tablespoons coconut or olive oil
5 drops eucalyptus essential oil
5 drops clove essential oil
1 glass jar
Warm the coconut oil slightly until liquid and add the other oils. Pour into your little glass jar and place in the fridge. Use a little on your fingertips to massage your scalp every other day.

Minty Treatment for an Irritated Scalp or Dandruff
Blend or crush a handful of fresh mint leaves. You can also steep a bag of mint tea in half a cup of hot water until it reaches room temperature. Combine the crushed leaves or strong tea with your favourite conditioner.

For Dull Frizzy Hair
2 large carrots
2 cups strong chamomile tea
Juice to carrots or grate them and use a tea towel to squeeze the juice out. Steep two chamomile tea bags in two cups of hot water until it reaches room temperature. The tea has to be strong. Combine the carrot juice and tea in a jug and pour over your hair in the shower after washing. Massage through all your hair and cover with a shower cap while you shower. Rinse out and condition as usual.

Rinse for Extra Shiny Hair
1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1 litre warm water
Use the mixture as a final rinse after washing and conditioning.

Beer Shine Enhancer
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 bottle beer (300-500ml)
2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
5 drops rosemary essential oil
5 drops lemon essential oil
Combine all the ingredients and take into the shower with you to rinse your hair. You can also mist your hair with it but if you don’t like the smell of beer you might want to use it as a second to last rinse when washing your hair.

Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil
10 drops jojoba essential oil
Contents of 4 evening primrose oil capsules
4 drops peppermint essential oil
3 drops rosemary essential oil
3 drops eucalyptus essential oil
1 tablespoon grape seed oil or another carrier oil
1 dark coloured bottle (dropper) for storage
Combine the ingredients and store in a dark coloured bottle. Use a little on your fingertips to massage your scalp.

Nourishing Scalp Massage Oil
Contents of 6 Vitamin E capsules
Contents of 4 Evening Primrose Oil Capsules
10 drops jojoba oil
10 drops rose hip essential oil
4 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops geranium essential oil
3 drops chamomile essential oil
1 dark coloured bottle (dropper) for storage
Combine the ingredients and store in a dark coloured bottle. Use a little on your fingertips to massage your scalp.

I keep finding more great ingredients for hair masks and rinses so there will probably be another post like this one in the near future!

Happy rinsing!

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