T’is Me!

My life is a weird and wonderful mix of things… I spend most weeks working from and taking care of the home I share with my husband. Over weekends I am up a Scottish glen on a full suspension mountain bike, covered in mud and hacking up a lung.

I love biking, never said I was any good at the uphill bits…..

That’s what this blog is about. I love being a woman. I love makeup and skincare and taking care of my husband and our home BUT…I also love adventure, travelling, biking and experiencing new things. I want to share all my face masks and nail tips but I also want to share the mud, the sweat and all the things that we are capable of when we set our minds to it.

If you ask my husband, I’ve never come across a jar of “goo” (as he calls all beauty products) that I didn’t love. I hunt everywhere for beauty tips and tricks. I think I love the old school ones the best!

Apparently 80’s make-up is making a comeback…I have a book for that…

I collect the grooming wisdom of women everywhere. Whether it’s the natural Ayurveda remedies of the east or the Sophia Loren’s assertion that her curves are the result of pasta and fresh air…it’s all useful to me.

Beauty for every day, travel beauty, looking gorgeous while you sweat like a pig beauty…you’ll find it here.

Some of my tips will be for products I’ve tried, some will be remedies made with the stuff in your kitchen. I will share the weird and wonderful and the “DUH, why didn’t I think of that!?” I’ve found grooming rules for Playboy bunnies which are almost as strict as the ones in an instructional video on hygiene and health for the US army from the 1940’s.

Stay tuned for the every day woman’s take on looking and feeling great without too much fuss.

xx CornΓ©

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