How to deal with the 10 most common symptoms of PMS

Most of us will experience some kind of mental or physical discomfort in the days leading up to a period. In ancient times it was believed that the moon influenced the female cycle and that women were therefore at their most influential just before or during their period, which is why they were isolated from … Continue reading How to deal with the 10 most common symptoms of PMS


How to get your beauty sleep in 10 easy steps!

Looking gorgeous isn't just about makeup and skincare. I'm sure you've heard it all before but it's true! Your body LITERALLY heals itself while you are sleeping. It's not just a reset button for your mind but for your whole body.Β 

While you sleep, your body re-balances fluids and hydrates tissues that need it. It removes toxins for elimination and balances hormonal levels. If you don't get enough sleep, your body doesn't complete these processes and you end up with puffy skin and bags under your eyes.Β 
Some of us struggle to fall asleep and stay that way because of busy schedules or stress. Here are a few simple ways to sleep well naturally.